Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Thanks Astrolife! Congrats Harimau's!

I have actually gotten 2 tickets to watch The Warrior's Way from Astrolife last week. However, I have given it to my colleague, Daniel, as Hubby and I totally don't have the time to watch it! It felt like a Christmas gift to him as it was Christmas eve when I gave it to him ^.^

Anyway, I had just watched the 2nd leg final of the AFF Suzuki Cup and Malaysia has won based on aggregates! Well done Harimau's! Congrats on your success Coach Rajagopal! Loved this Tweet from Rio Ferdinand of Manchester United:

"Congratulations 2 Malaysia who beat Indonesia in the Suzuki cup final. I played against Malaysian u23 team 18months ago, quite a good team."
PS: I do wish it's a Public Holiday this coming Friday or Monday though o.O

Updated 31/12/10: My wish came true... it's a Public Holiday today! Thanks PM! Happy Holidays ya all!!!

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