Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Stop Child Abuse

I’m not child crazy like most of my friends are. I mean I won’t go oooh! or aaah! or pinching a child’s face and say ‘sooo cute!’. In fact, when a child sees me, he or she usually turns away! Ya… I have the ibu tiri look =.= Well, of course, I do love my angels to bits! No qualms about that ^.^

We have been reading quite a lot lately on child abuse; be it abandonment, mentally or physically abused, rape, etc. It’s so pathetic since we are living in a civilized world. The more advance we are in technology, the more mentally sad we become… sigh!


Picture googled: childrightsandyou.blogspot.com

Probably due to stress from work or family, these ‘victims’ lurk in every corner, trying to pick a child to ‘feast’ on. Blatantly ignoring the child’s cry, they probably thrive on his or her fear. It’s so masochistic! Such sadism! I will not dwell further on this as I totally can’t stand the pain or suffering that child is experiencing… I do have a very vivid imagination. A number which we all should remember whenever we heard a child being abused… do call Talian Nur 15999 before it’s too late. 

I also can’t imagine how a mother can carry her baby for 9 months and then deliver him or her in a toilet bowl! It’s so cruel! The baby is so goddamn innocent! If you wanted to enjoy sex that much, for goodness sake wear a condom or take the bloody pregnancy prevention pills! It’s so heart-wrenching to read such news every day about babies being dumped in public toilets or dustbins… of all places! So irresponsible… definitely not worthy to be parents of such adorable babies. If you don’t want the baby then drop him or her off at Baby Hatch, NGO OrphanCARE, located at 6, Jalan SS1/24A, Kampung Tunku  where he or she will be in good hands.


United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has been actively trying to save children from being abused. Their message ‘Raise your hand. Stop child abuse now!’ is clear and precise. We must join our hands and get on board to help them save more children from being abused. Click on the link below to be counted, to say you also care enough to stop child abuse. I am already on board, are you? 


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