Sunday, 12 December 2010

Sis back for the weekend!

My angels were excited their aunt (For those who didn’t know, my sis has migrated to Singapore) will be back for the weekend! They have been wondering what she will bring back for them this time… hmmm… yes, she can be dubbed as Santarina as she always spoils them with gifts! LOL!

She has promised them gifts for their result and effort for the final exam so they have been craning their necks while waiting for her to come by TCM yesterday evening. They were at Toys R Us when she finally reached with her friend… good timing as she intended to get their gifts on the spot there!

Both Tyger and Princess have burnt a big hole in Yee Yee’s purse! Thanks Yee Yee for this wonderful gift!

Some momentous photos with sis, her fren, mom, MIL, bro Chris and my family!

We had dinner at Restoran Pho Hoa, a Vietnamese food restaurant. You can read of my first review here. Later that night after Hubby finished work, we went yam cha at Old Town Kopitiam in Bangsar South. First time there, we had a cosy and comfortable evening, catching up on old times.

Thanks sis for everything! Although you may be far but you have always been there when I needed your moral support.

Tyger and Princess happily showing their gifts!

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