Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Rose Chan & Rapunzel

We were in Tropicana City Mall last Sunday for grocery shopping and we were pleasantly surprised by a lion dance at the main entrance in the middle of the afternoon. Errr… it’s not even Chinese New Year yet???!!! We heard the announcer made an announcement earlier but I wasn’t listening since it’s in Mandarin… pardon me the banana don’t understand ler =.= We were halfway through the sand art when my angels insisted we go watch the lion dance ^.^

Apparently, they were holding a Charity Carnival for 2 days at TCM and they have invited the lion dance to perform. They have also invited a Hong Kong actress to officiate the event… she happens to be the Charity Ambasador too. You can find this charity on Facebook or official website Honestly, I have never heard of her but she’s very pretty and tall!!!

Rose Chan was her name… ain’t she so sweet???!!!

Earlier on we took some photos here and there…

Anyway, another pleasant surprise which I received last Friday night… I was checking out Astrolife website to see if there’s any new contest to participate when I noticed the Rapunzel contest result was out. As usual, I’ll check out the winner list since I didn’t receive any emails about it. While scrolling down the list, I was surprised to see my name there! Yes! I have won the Special Prize of this contest!

This time, I brought MIL and NIL to watch the movie with me and Princess last night. It’s like a ladies night out with Rapunzel! Hubby and Tyger, the guys, lepaking around The Curve pulak ^.^ You can click here for the review of Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale. For those who didn’t know, I had gotten 3D tickets to watch this movie last week from Churp Churp Smile

Daddy busy taking photos with Tyger while waiting for us ^.^

Thanks Astrolife for the wonderful Special Prize! Princess loves it so much! Me looking forward to other contests in Astrolife now!

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