Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Review: Fruit Land

After a tiring window-shopping last Saturday, we decided to have dinner at Fruit Land, a newly opened Halal Chinese Café in Ikano. It was not our first choice though… we actually wanted to go to the steamboat shop opposite but we got kicked out by a customer there. Yes, you read it right. There were 6 of us so we opt for a long table outside but this customer just barged in and took 2 seats away, telling us to find other seats inside =.= We were deeply offended and the staff just let them be. They would rather lose 6 pax business and keep the 2 pax… totally dumb!

Anyway, we saw Fruit Land opposite, brightly lit and inviting so we headed there instead. No regrets here as the staffs were courteous and friendly. We were promptly ushered in and seated with menu’s. 


As MIL’s gum was aching, she ordered something soft and soupy i.e. Dumpling Soup Noodles which looked like a merger between Sui Kau Noodle and Pan Mee. She shared it with Melissa as they weren’t that hungry yet. Same goes to the rest of us actually ^.^


Tyger and Princess shared this Chicken Nuggets and Chips. Surprisingly they don’t have tomato sauce so they offered sweet and sour sauce instead. Tyger was happily eating it as it’s his favourite sauce! However the nuggets were kinda hard hence Princess didn’t really enjoyed it.


My Dry Sambal Sotong Noodles wasn’t that bad… the sambal was spicy with a strong tinge of belacan. The sotong was soft which was nice. The noodles were sweet though so the blend was kinda odd but acceptable lah. I shared it with Hubby and Princess. She liked the noodle because of the sweetness but not the sambal… too spicy!


Hubby ordered this Salad with Kiwi and Prawns; this concoction has a very unique blend of taste… not sure how to describe it but it’s original. Not greatly fantastic though.


Hubby also ordered this because I fell in love with the picture Smile with tongue out Thai Sauce Taofu. Above average, nothing fantastic but it was nice and simple. I can say I like this the most! Simplicity at it’s best!


Desserts galore! MIL’s Mango Tau Fu Fa and Tyger and Princess’ Strawberry Tau Fu Fa. Surprisingly it tasted as good as it looked!


My Ginger Glutinous Rice Ball was bland with strong weird ginger taste. Even one of the peanut pastry inside the tong yuen tasted ‘chow yau yik’. Hubby ordered a Cold Soya Bean… I think their specialty is soya bean.

Overall the food quality was comparable for a small café. The service provided upped the overall customer experience… the ambience was above average. A nice place to grab a quick bite and leave… not for mingling and chatting. It felt like ‘Char Chan Teng’ but with a different menu minus the loud chatters! Our total bill was RM79.10 including 10% service charge. To me, it’s quite expensive for such simple dishes but looking at the location then ok lah… not too bad.

Location: Fruity Lolo 3, LG, Ikano Power Centre

6 thumbs up out of 10

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