Sunday, 19 December 2010

Lamborghini’s galore!

Last Friday night, I was drooling endlessly! Why? I was surprised there were so many Lamborghini’s at the main entrance of Tropicana City Mall! The engine’s were still on… gosh! The macho, strong sounds emanating were so beautiful! Yes, I am crazy over beautiful engine sounds like this… call me crazy but it makes me high!

As you can see, there’s an odd one out… a Rolls Royce… sorry only 1 photo as I’m not into antiques ^.^ Anyway, OverTime, a blooming franchise, was celebrating the opening of their new outlet there and they have invited Lin Chi Ling to officiate it. So the Rolls was to ferry her and the Lambor’s were the escorts. They also had a band ala Mardi Gras to lead the convoy from the main entrance to the outlet which was on the other side. Unfortunately, it was raining heavily. Errr… Hokkien people believed that if a person is kedekut then it will rain during their function… hmmm o.O

I didn’t attend the opening lah but I had time to spare while waiting for Hubby to finish work so I waited for Lin Chi Ling to arrive. I was curious too as I had read an article before that she was rated as the most beautiful woman in Taiwan. I wonder how true this statement was. Alas she arrived 9ish and those MEN! They ‘engorged’ her! I couldn’t squeeze through! I did catch a few glimpse of her and honestly… she was really pretty in real too… not only in photos. Her make-up was light yet she exuded youth and glowing! I rest my case!

After being pushed and shoved, this was the best I could take… sigh! So near yet so far! My paparazzi mode totally failed! I guess I have to stick to taking cars or still photos =.=

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