Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Review: Ireland’s Potato

Before the Harry Porter movie last Wednesday, I bought Crunchy Potato Ball from Ireland’s Potato to ‘tahan’ my hunger pangs. I had to wait quite a while before they served me my takeaway but it was worthwhile waiting for it.


It’s a first for me eating fried potato as I normally take baked potato.  Although it looked normal like any other fish balls or meat balls, it was fulfilling, tasted fresh and delicious! Totally different and crunchy indeed!It’s great eating on it’s own… without any sauces… not oily. It costs RM5.80 only… worth every penny ^.^

Location: next to TGV cinema, Sunway Pyramid

10 thumbs up out of 10 (It’s obvious, I love fried stuffs!)

After the movie, mind you it was 11pm already, we quickly went outside to catch a glimpse of the Christmas decors in full lighting glory! I was familiarizing with my new camera, snapped some night shots which was OK lah… please excuse my amateur shots ya ^.^ I just love the outdoor decors which are much better than the indoor ones!

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