Saturday, 4 December 2010

Happy 10th Anniversary!

Yesterday was our 10th wedding anniversary. Yes, 10th! Time sure flies! It felt like it was just yesterday when we first accidentally met at Subang Parade. I still remember our first date, at the cinema in Paramount Garden, watching a Wong Chim movie.  The first time we kissed clumsily! Ok… ok… better stop and spare you the intimate details ^.^ Like Taylor Swift’s song, life is like a fairytale, which was half true… until we got married. That’s when reality bites… ouch! All the responsibilities i.e. house, car, bills, babies! Well, that’s life… we can’t complaint much since God has blessed us with a wonderful albeit challenging marriage and 2 beautiful angels ^.^

We didn’t celebrate it this time as we had to work. Hubby even tricked me into not buying anything for him… geez! We got gifts for our angels instead!



Tyger has been asking for a Race-tin Flash & Dash remote control car and we finally rewarded him this due to his superb year end school result i.e. getting no.1 for both in class and overall standard 2. Well done!


Princess had wished for a Baby Alive for ages! We finally decided to get Baby Alive Baby All Gone for her and she has been grinning from ear to ear since! Well, she wasn’t good academically but we are rewarding her for her efforts.

Hubby secretly got me a gift and placed it in my notebook bag while I was getting some toiletries in Guardian! When I returned…

Hubby: Da, take out your notebook for a while

Me: Huh? Why?

I then obliged… unzipped the bag and whallah! A nicely wrapped gift inside! Hubby got me this beautiful accessories… he knows how much I love accessories! I used to have lots of it until Princess started rummaging through my drawers o.O


Thanks Hubby! I love you too! Muacks!

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