Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Gathering, freebies, etc…

I wonder why I bothered posting this… hmmm… I guess it struck a sad chord when I heard it…

Hubby is a member of Lancer GT Club (LGTC). The club just had their 3rd Annual Gathering somewhere in Perak over the weekend. I had given it a missed as it coincided with school holidays, same as last year. It’s also costly for all of us to attend so might as well not go. Furthermore, I’m not familiar with most of the attendees… many new members leh! One thing for sure, FAMILY is of the utmost importance! We have learnt it the hard way… the sad chord. Well, we shall not dwell over the past… let bygones be bygones.

Luckily we didn’t go too as:

1. My sis came back for the weekend and we had a good quality time catching up.

2. Besides that I also wanted to check out the ‘I love bazaar’ which had just started at TCM recently.

3. I saw something intriguing when we reached TCM on Saturday morning… so many people passing by carrying buckets of paint. I later found out that  Seamaster was giving away free paints and those desperate people had been queuing since 6am! The queue was sooo long! So typically Malaysians!

Anyway, sad chord aside, to reminiscence, we attended the first inaugural launch on 8th Nov 2008 at Tiara Beach Resort, Port Dickson as it was before the school holidays. To end this post, sharing some write-ups from the magazines of the launch:


On The Road, issue 83, 19th Nov – 2nd Dec 08


Top Gear, issue 22, Jan 09


Shift, vol 26, Mar 09

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