Monday, 8 November 2010

No O2!

I take the LRT after work and then switch to TCM bus at Kelana almost every evening. Today was no exception. However, while passing the overhead bridge, there's this beggar, with steels coming out of his legs and red patches all over it, begging for money, started since a few weeks back. It actually gives me the creeps each time I walked passed by *goosebumps*

I was surprised though upon reaching the side walkway towards the main LDP... I heard Christmas songs! Yes... coming from this shop named Fun and Cheer! OMG! Deepavali isn't over yet and they are in Christmas mood already! *grinning from ear to ear*

Finally my bus came but it's crowded... full of students from God knows which college! I felt faint in the bus... not enough O2! This Indonesian girl sitting next to me kept shifting her bum towards me, so that she could chat with her English teacher sitting behind =.= I totally hate it when unknown people grazing me or touching me! She either had a big bum or she's just ignorant of the contact... pfft!!!

A few emotions running through me within the hour... can it be called mood swing? Sigh... what an evening! A Monday at that!


Anonymous said...

I've seen the beggar a couple of times.. yes.. it's really really creepy.. :S

Susan said...

I do wish someone will collect him and place him in a home or something rather than scaring us :S


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