Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Jusco, IOI Mall Puchong

I seldom drop by Puchong as it’s out of the way or you can say it’s on the other side of town for me. We had to drop by there last night to run an errand at Jusco, IOI Mall, which turned out to be a bad experience for us.

We reached Jusco around 10.15pm and completed our errand in 10 mins. By the time we reached the parking machine, it was 10.30pm. As we didn’t have small notes to pay the parking, we asked the Jusco cashiers and they promptly asked us to go to the Service Counter to change. Hubby went but was turned away, the staff there said it’s closed but we can see that they were just sitting there, chatting. Another customer who had the same predicament as us, offered to buy cigarettes instead but they promptly told him the counters were closed. We tried the cashiers again but they replied the same ‘Go to the Service Counter’! There was one who was counting her notes and she refused to change, citing she had counted it! WTF!!! Such a big Jusco but with selfish, inhumane staff!!! The whole mall was closed and we couldn’t get any small change! They just blatantly ignored our predicament!

Thank goodness for the kind staff in 7 Eleven, totally lived up to their good service, changed it for us. We wasted a good half hour asking around =.=

Jusco, if you want to stay open until 10.30pm or 11pm, please ensure you have courteous staff who is willing to change small notes so that your loyal customers are able to leave the mall! If not, please close at 9pm!


Unknown said...

All the Jusco staff are rude and unprofessional. Once I got yelled by one of the staff. I still go there but I try not to ask anything because I know that I won't get any good service. They will tell you to go to another staff or get angry as if we're disturbing them. Annoying and rude!

Susan said...

OMG! That's terrible! Yes, annoying and rude!


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