Saturday, 6 November 2010

Deepavali fun

I had fun last night attending a Deepavali open house. Jepu is Hubby’s ex-schoolmate and his family knew us quite well. When we reached his house, Jepu had slept or you can say passed out as he had been totally drunk! Apparently the open house started early this time around… from morning… and we happened to be the last that came by last night. Auntie has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s but thankfully she still remembered us clearly when she greeted us. Uncle, however, was bedridden as he had stroke. Twice. Sigh! So kesian to see him lying on the bed, not able to move. They have a new addition to the family this time… a cute German Shepard! He’s so huge for a 1 year old! Bigger than my Minnie!

Anyway, we had fun playing some fireworks so thought of sharing some photos here… forgot to snap some photos with the huge pup though Winking smile





Needless to say, the food was good, the company great, it was totally enjoyable Smile

Happy Deepavali ya all!!!

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