Saturday, 6 November 2010

Artista Bar & Restaurant

We decided to try Artista as it’s usually crowded hence we were curious. As it’s a bar,  we went early last Thursday night so the band hasn’t started yet. We wanted to eat peacefully ^.^


I wanted something light so I ordered Smoke Salmon Sandwich and Ice Lemon Tea. Honestly, it looked good but the taste wasn’t comparable. The smoke salmon was very salty. I couldn’t finished it as my tongue became weird. Fries tasted much better though. Ice lemon tea was diluted, it tasted more of ice water with lemon =.=


Hubby ordered Braised Lamb Shank, as recommended by the waitress. This was totally good! The lamb shank was tender, tasted just right and the mash potato was just as good, not too buttery Smile

The downside here was the patrons smoked inside the air-conditioned restaurant instead of sitting at the patio outside to smoke. I guess that’s what you should expect in a bar cum restaurant. Our total bill was RM69.00 including 5% government tax and 10% service charge. It’s quite pricey for an unsatisfied dinner…


Location: Lot G-13 Tropicana City Mall

6 thumbs up out of 10

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