Friday, 22 October 2010

Toilet etiquette

I bet most of you experience this before...

Damn 'kap liu'... rushed to the toilet... entered an empty cubicle

Alamak! It's so damn dirty! How to wee wee lah?

Dirty toilet - mild scenario, dare not place a severe one or you might lose your appetite
It's a common scenario which happens everywhere... to everyone... be it in a prestigious shopping mall or popular public places or even in the office! I just don't understand... how these people actually utilize their own toilets at home! Come on lah... you don't need to:
  1. squat on the seat cover
  2. wee a few inches away without sitting
  3. throw tissues everywhere
  4. forget to flush
  5. throw your sanitary pads everywhere
  6. wet the whole toilet
  7. waste water by not closing the tap
  8. flick your wet hands everywhere after washing
Don't they ever learn some basic toilet etiquette when they were young? Where are their common sense? Why are they so ignorant?

The toilet is clean enough but they still need to squat on the seat and wet it >.<
Leaving their stupid shoe prints on the seat too =.=
Then never bothered to flush *slaps forehead*

What happen to civilisation? Now I understand why the Government enforced Moral lessons into the Education syllabus. However I think it wouldn't be enough as you have to practice what you learn or else it will go down the drain too. Sigh!

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