Saturday, 30 October 2010

Sewing: Short skirts

I have always wanted to learn a skill, something I can rely on in the future when I’m too old to work in a private sector. As I’ve always harboured the desire to be in the fashion industry, hence I’ve opted for sewing since I’m poor in drawing. I managed to find a school in the Yellow Pages, Italy Fashion & Dressmaking Institute which is located in S.E.A Park. The principle, Madam Pang, was trained in Italy, which really impressed me.

There are 3 levels to complete i.e. Beginner’s stage, Intermediate and Advance. I started taking the lesson in April 2006 as a Beginner. During this time, I was thought how to measure and draw basic blocks in miniature sizes, subsequently upgrade to measuring and drawing simple blocks of some patterns for myself.

My first assignment was to measure, draw and sew a skirt. I chose 2 patterns i.e. pleats by the side and box design, both short skirts.

The end result:-
Top brown colour: pleats by the side, bottom teal colour: box skirt

Honestly, I have never used a sewing machine in my life before, thus I was very nervous sewing the first skirt. Luckily I had bought cotton materials for this assignment hence it was easy sewing it ;-)

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