Sunday, 3 October 2010

My 1st Ever Cooking Class Sponsored by Samsung


Thanks to Samsung, I was invited to attend a special cooking class yesterday as a part of Everyone Can Cook Campaign. Samsung is hosting this campaign to demonstrate the hassle-free and time-saving benefits of using the Samsung Microwave Convection Oven first-hand. It was held at Cilantro Culinary Academy, according to the email invite from 10am to 12.30pm.

Sounds easy right? Hmmm… for someone as blur as me (cooking sense lah). In fact, this is a first for me as I have not used an oven before to cook nor bake! Errr… sad to say… *cringe* I only have a small oven toaster *hiding my face*  




It was a wet Saturday morning when we reached Cilantro. Hubby was kind enough to accompany me and be my photographer ^.^ After registration, we waited a while for the rest to arrive. We were given a disposable apron and hat with a list of recipes which we were supposed to cook. I noticed it was different from the original list given in the email invite. The original list was Pan Sealed Blacken Spice Chicken Roulade, Sausage Bun and Crystal Prawns Dumpling. Hmmm… probably to save time as the organizer, Li Ling, was saying that some recipes tend to take a longer time to complete. Well, it was a free class so no complaints here :-)


Once ready, we were ushered into the kitchen… I was in awe with all the cool equipments, wished mine was as cool ;-) The other attendees were a mixture of bloggers and guests… there were 10 of us :-)


Joel Kau, Senior Chef at Cilantro Culinary Academy, was our teacher for the day… teaching us how to make three sumptuous recipes – Red Bean Bun, Siew Mai Dumpling and Herb Crusted Sea Bass with Garden Stew.


Me in my ‘amateur’ chef’s gear :-)


The one and only Samsung Microwave Convection Oven! All 3 recipes do require the oven’s help to complete. We need to bake both Red Bean Bun and Herb Crusted Sea Bass in this oven. We also need to steam the Siew Mai Dumpling in it. Yes, we can steam food in this fantastic oven! Ok ok… me jakunlah… didn’t know ovens can be so damn cool! I’m still in the ancient world… thinking that ovens can be used for baking only =.= The Samsung Microwave Convection Oven can multi-tasks and is user-friendly. I mean, at first I was blur… after 3 minutes, I got the hang of it. Yes, it’s that easy to use! Just need to select the functions required, dial the time and press start. Easy peasy! The only set back for me was not enough clear labels for each symbols/ functions on the oven. Well, even the start button doesn’t have the word ‘start’ on it! I was looking high and low for the button leh… pai seh!

The cooking class was a breeze… it actually ended at 3pm! I learnt a lot of new things, new techniques, new everything! I know I know… thanks to a great teacher too… Chef Joel was friendly, patient and of course, knowledgeable! I really had fun… would definitely recommend it to my friends. Cilantro offers a wide range of leisure cooking programs such as dim sum, Indian specialty, Italian favourite, nyonya kuih delight and bread & cakes. There is also a DIY Christmas special from October to December only. All programs priced from RM150 to RM195, except for DIY Christmas, which is totally reasonable as it comprises of at least 2 recipes. To know more, you can:

Log onto: www.

Call: 03-8023 0555

Visit: Cilantro Culinary Academy, No.4-1, Jln USJ Sentral 3, USJ Sentral, 47600 Subang Jaya


With a Cilantro staff (geez! forgot her name, apparently she blogs too!), Li Ling (organizer) and Chef Joel Kau

I will share the recipes in another post. If not, this will be a very, very long winded one!

Again, thanks to Samsung, I had a wonderful time attending a superb cooking class at Cilantro! I also had the opportunity to get to know Samsung Microwave Convection Oven first-hand! I am in the midst of oven-hunting so rest assured it had been short-listed!

Cilantro: 8 thumbs up out of 10

Samsung: 8 thumbs up out of 10

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