Monday, 11 October 2010

Cooking Class: Red Bean Bun

I have not baked a cake nor bread in my life! I have helped mom before but just simple tasks such as filling in the tarts, cut the cookies, etc. No kneading, no baking :p So this would be a first in getting my hands dirrrty!

To continue from where I have left off, you can read the previous post here, our first recipe was Red Bean Bun. You can also get the recipe here :-)


Some of our ingredients to be whisked in a Kitchen Aid Mixer – flour, sugar, butter, bread improver, salt and yeast.


All poured into the mixer but do ensure salt and yeast do not touch as it will have a chemical reaction. After mixing midway, pour in the egg.


Waiting patiently for the dough to form perfectly. When it is done, the dough actually felt very soft like a fluffy pillow! If it’s too wet, add more flour. Do note that butter is the last one in the mixer.


Me kneading first time :-) See Foong Yee’s expression, my partner in crime, worried that I would break the dough LOL!


Chef Joel checking the gluten. Once you have kneaded enough, it will form a nice gluten.

Gluten: a tenacious elastic protein substance especially of wheat flour that gives cohesiveness to dough (from


Set aside in room temperature to let it rest for 5 mins. You can cover it with a clean towel.


Once dough has rested, portion it into 60 gm each, ‘whisk’ it in your palm until it forms a nice ball and let it rest another 5 mins. The whisking takes time to learn… you need to form your hand into the alphabet ‘C’ and then roll the dough inside the palm clock-wise. You can see us struggling here :-)


Our beautifully-formed 60 gm dough resting for another 5 mins. Do cover it with a clean towel, under room temperature.




Once rested, roll the dough flat with a pin and ensure the trapped air has been flatten. Wrap the bean paste in the centre and roll the dough flat again. You can create any designs you desire. You can also use a different filling instead of red bean i.e. sausage :p


Set the dough aside for proving around 15 to 20 mins before baking. Egg wash the dough and set it to bake in the Samsung Microwave Convection Oven. Just preheat the oven at 250’C. Once preheated, check the temperature is at 220’C. Place the dough in, select Convection button, dial the timer to 13 mins and press Start button. Easy peasy!

Do note that the tray is slightly heat-resistant around the tip as it’s been covered with a rubberized material. Of course, you should use a glove when removing it from the hot oven but it’s slip-free due to the rubber material :-) Cool right? The tray is one of the equipment provided together with this oven.


10! 10! 10! My first ever Red Bean Bun! Yummylicious! Baking made easy with Samsung Microwave Convection Oven!

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