Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Thank you for the ride

I always take the Tropicana Free Shuttle Bus after work to meet Hubby. Today is no exception but it has a different ending. Usually everyone will just get down the bus quietly. Today was different... one after another, each of us thanked the bus driver while getting down. I was surprised... yet felt humbled by the experience. Malaysians are courteous after all ^.^

Anyway, yesterday, Tyger complained of chest pain.

Yes, an eight year old complaining of chest pain!

MIL panicked... immediately brought him to see a doctor. Princess went along since she's still coughing badly. I think doctor would have secretly laughed if he had known that it was due to heavy school bag =.=
MIL realised that after the visit as doctor couldn't find anything wrong with him... geez!
Tyger's school bag was heavy, it's a back pack and it has caused his chest to ache while carrying it on his back! I was speechless! Totally full of mixed emotions... felt like laughing, crying, fainting... all at once!
*Slaps on forehead!*

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