Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Tom & Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes


My angels love Tom & Jerry! Who wouldn’t? They are the most wackiest and cutest duo ever… funny in their own torturing way! LOL! Anyway, we watched this movie last Saturday, had an enjoyable quality time :-)

Jerry is Sherlock Holmes assistant. As Jerry was running an errant, he met with Tom who happened to be Red’s (a beautiful singer) assistant. As usual, both had a ball chasing and fighting until they reached Sherlock’s house. Tom then realized he had reached his destination, to deliver a message from his mistress to Sherlock. Red is in trouble, being framed of stealing some jewels hence Sherlock needs to look for clues and track down the real thief to solve this case.

A totally hilarious yet intense and predictable detective plot, typical Tom & Jerry + Sherlock Holmes type of movie :-) As it’s a cartoon, the plot is more wacky and flexible… not rigid… worth to watch it with your kids and young ones.

7 thumbs up out of 10

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