Thursday, 9 September 2010

Step Up 3


I have never watched Step Up 1 and 2 hence I do not know what to expect from Step Up 3. When Joyce asked me to watch it with her, I was unsure… then thought ‘What the heck?! How bad can it be, right?’ Furthermore, I have nothing to do on Merdeka Day :-p Sherry joined us at the eleventh hour… luckily there was still plenty of tickets! It was fun as we haven’t had a girl’s day out in ages!


Moose and Camille (from Step Up 2) headed to New York University. Moose has promised his parents he will not dance anymore and will concentrate on his studies, majoring in electrical engineering. However he met Luke at a dance battle in the park by chance and one thing led to another. Luke wants Moose to be on his team, House of Pirates, to compete in the World Jam Dance Contest, hoping to win the money in order to retain his home cum dance studio. Luke found Natalie and recruited her too, unknowing that she is Julian’s sister. Julian is their rival House of Samurai’s leader.


I have to find Step Up 1 and 2 DVD!!! I never expected it to be interesting, entertaining with nice, cool and superb dance moves! I really enjoyed it from start to end… even thought of clapping when it ended but then I stopped myself… don’t intend to make a fool of myself :-p The story line may look predictable but the cool dance moves totally make up for it. I especially like the above dance choreography… it was creatively good even though wet! We actually regretted not watching it in 3D… I think it would be worth it :-)

8 thumbs up out of 10

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