Tuesday, 14 September 2010

School Holiday Jalan Jalan

As we had no idea where to go to during our only off day last Wednesday with our angels, we decided to go to 1 Utama and Mid Valley, hoping to view some unique Hari Raya decorations since both are famous for fantastic festivity decorations. Unfortunately, both malls were kinda disappointing this time around :-(

1 Utama offered the ‘Balik kampung’ theme with actual padi fields which was unique but it felt more of a tourist attraction instead of Hari Raya mood. Kudos, though, for the green earth concept by growing the padi’s and even having the benteng to harvest the crops :-)


Angels with the fresh padi’s and dried crops… mind you… those were real padi fields!


Ready to be harvested crops :-)


Not forgetting the Batik drawing ;-)


Bought a tub of Bahulu… one of the local delicacies :-)


Some lanterns galore at the Moon Cake stalls which was very simple :-)


Mid Valley has a totally different concept… it was Orchids galore! Nothing to do with Hari Raya except for the kampung or wooden house. I wonder why Orchids??? Well, one thing for sure, it does represent the green earth concept… I guess the main agenda this time around for all is ‘green the earth’.





After a tiring walk, we had tea at Sweet Chat Cafe to recharge our batteries ;-)



Our orders, clockwise: my Iced Irish Coffee, Princess’ Ice Chocolate, Hubby’s Candy Punch, Tyger’s Soya Bean with Strawberries and Bubur Cha Cha for MIL.

Overall, it was not bad except for the kinda thick-pasted soya bean, too thick chocolate and too bitter coffee. I asked for syrup to sweeten my coffee but they don’t have syrup o.O They offered me sugar instead which I refused as it will not dilute in ice leh! I finally used Princess’ thick chocolate instead to sweeten my coffee ;-) The ambience was nice, I liked the sofa concept as we can rest from a tiring walk peacefully. The bill came up to RM44.60 (including of 10% service charge and 5% Government tax) which was a tad expensive for tea… we could have gotten it at half the price outside. Well, I guess it’s the price to pay for a comfortable, peaceful tea break.

FYI, they do offer Loyalty Card campaign. For every RM20 spent, there will be 1 stamp. Collect 4 stamps to redeem a Sweet Endings Hot. Collect 8 stamps to redeem any 2 Sweet Endings Cold. To redeem a delectable set with 3 pieces pancake, need to collect 12 stamps.

Location: Sweet Chat Cafe, 1st Floor, South Court, Mid Valley Mega Mall     

7 thumbs up out of 10

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