Wednesday, 15 September 2010


i what?

i scream??

I did a double take… thought I have misread it ;-)


Yes, you’ve read it right… this new ice-cream parlour is called iscream. A very unique and catchy name, immediately caught my attention first, then only the ice-cream (^.^) As I got closer, I realized that even the ice-creams have fancy and catchy names! Not many varieties but according to the person in charge, they would change it during replenishment…. meaning you would see different flavours on different weeks. Very creative :-)



Unfortunately, photos taken with my mobile phone so can’t see the fancy names clearly :-(

They do have an in-house specialty… creatively called ‘I Scream On The Rock’. A combination of 2 different flavours mixed with Chipsmore… served in a bowl of waffle! A unique concoction! I’ve tried a couple of concoctions and they were yummylicious! I can’t remember the mixtures though… blames it on poor memory *slaps forehead*



Cincang! Cincang! And it’s ready to be gobbled! Cool right? Forgot to snap when it’s done though *grinning* too excited to try it!




We nearly forgot to snap our ice-creams *slaps forehead again*, enjoyed the smooth, tasty and delicious goodness too much! It wasn’t too sweet either! Mine was 1 regular scoop of Delightfruit (vanilla with raisins) and Hubby’s 1 regular scoop of Classical Chocolate. Total bill was RM9.45 after 20% discount, definitely cheaper than most popular ice-cream parlours ;-)    

They have just opened recently, on 8th September, apparently the first in Malaysia :-) In fact, they are offering 20% discounts for all ice-creams from now until 30th September! sscreammm… for more!!!

Location: Lot G-11, Ground Floor, Tropicana City Mall



8 thumbs up out of 10

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Spena said...

ok. now I have to learn how to get to Tropicana Mall... ;-)


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