Thursday, 30 September 2010

Good Taste Cafe

The day started off gloomy today with a wet and terribly jammed morning. In a way blessing in disguise as it’s a cooling day, not too hot especially during lunch time. Both hubby and I were kinda sleepy and tired as, besides the tiring travelling to work, we were busy catching up on X Factor! Yeap, you read it right! LOL! In case you didn’t know, X Factor is similar to American Idol but with a twist that offers more opportunities to the older and less appealing generation. My favourite:

  • Boys Team – Matt Cradle
  • Girls Team – Rebecca Ferguson
  • Group – I’m in between The Reason and FYD
  • Over 28 – Mary

Anyway, we decided to try Good Taste Cafe for dinner. A small shop located near the cinema with a simple menu.


Hubby ordered Nasi Kunyit with Curry Chicken. The curry was nice and tasty, not too oily but the portion was so small! I wonder it fits how much % of Hubby’s tummy!


My Fried Rice was ok, nothing fancy… sambal on the sweeter side and portion was just nice :-)


Hubby’s Iced Cincau and my Hot Tea :-) Nothing incredible…

The menu depicts simple Malaysian dishes which is fast and easy… fuss free. They actually heat the food in microwave oven before serving which is good but it was too hot! I actually burnt my tongue :-( The staff was friendly and accommodating too. Nothing much to comment as it’s just a simple meal to fill the tummy and leave. Our bill was RM18.20 which was quite expensive for a simple meal though.  


Location: Lot 2-09 Tropicana City Mall

6 thumbs up out of 10

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