Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A Good Start!

I've been traveling via LRT to work this week as I'm stationed in KL Sentral for now. I was pleasantly surprised this morning... there weren't many empty seats hence I was standing near the conjoining area. This guy from the opposite seat had been looking my way for a few minutes, suddenly stood up and offered me his seat o.O

Errr... I quickly thanked and declined his offer but I kept thinking to myself... do I look like I'm pregnant? Hmmm... I know I'm wearing a loose blouse from Seed with my hair bun up but still... geez! Or probably because I'm carrying a very heavy backpack so he kesian me :p *think +ve*

The guy sitting near me also moved away from his seat... sort of offering his seat to me too in a quiet manner but I just stood my ground quietly...

Anyway, I'm just amazed actually! Good samaritans early in the morning! A good way to start the day! Thanks guys for the seats but no thank you (^.^)

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