Thursday, 16 September 2010

Delicious Nyonya

I always wondered how delicious the Nyonya food would be since it is called Delicious Nyonya :p


Finally I have the chance last night when Hubby decided to give it a try :-) It was kinda empty though… nice ambience with simple and comfortable furniture.



Hubby ordered Hot Chinese Tea and Nasi Lemak with Chicken Rendang (He wanted Nasi Kunyit but it was sold out).


I ordered Teh Tarik and Kapi Fried Rice (I ordered this because of the unique name *grinning*)


We saw Roti Babi on the menu hence immediately ordered it but to our disappointment… they have Roti Ayam only :-( It was good, the chicken was minced and soft, the mixture tasty. What I loved most was the bread ala French Toast ;-) It somehow reminded me of Roti John LOL!

Overall, food was good, portion was just nice. Hubby was happy with his dinner :-) My fried rice had a strong belacan fragrant… it somehow reminded me of Secret Recipe’s Belacan Fried Rice ;-) First taste of my fried rice was a tad bitter for me, then I mixed everything up and it tasted much better… I enjoyed my Teh Tarik too! Not too sweet and not too ‘kaw’… The staff was friendly, service promptly and Hubby even got hot water refill for his tea :-) Our total bill was RM42 including 10% service charge which was quite affordable.

Location: Ground Floor, Tropicana City Mall (Forgot to note the lot no :p but it’s next to Mynt Boutique)

7 thumbs up out of 10

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