Sunday, 26 September 2010

Baby no. 3?

I had a nice time catching up with BFF Chow over tea this afternoon. It’s been a while since I last saw her and her kids. It’s been hectic for her as she’s a full time housewife… so lucky… envy… envy…

Chow: You have gained a lot of weight.

Me: Where got? No lah!  Got meh?

Chow: Yes, you have gained a little lah…

Me: =.=

I have to start Yoga again… sigh!

Anyway, she just had her 3rd baby recently and this is the 2nd time I’m seeing her… so damn chubby!


Ain’t she cute??? It made me yearn for another baby!!! Baby no. 3??? I’m not getting any younger… not sure if it’s the right choice… both my angels are so big now… I mean the age gap would be wide… decisions… decisions… decisions… sigh!

Chow remembered my birthday… my belated birthday present :p


It’s so thoughtful of her :-) Thanks so much! I <3 it!

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