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Jin and his mom live in Anvil, Tekken City’s slum area. Jin is a rebellious street fighter who steals Tekken techs for a living. He witnessed his mother’s death in the hands of the Jacks and vowed to take revenge against Heihachi Mishima, the chairman of Mishima Zaibatsu. What he didn’t know was that Kazuya Mishima is the man behind his mother’s death. He accidently found a Tekken Fighter’s ID belonging to his late mom and was totally surprised as she has always been anti-Tekken and never allowed Jin to be a part of it. Jin decided to participate in the Iron Fist Tournament in order to get into Tekken City and proceed with his revenge.  He won the Open Call to represent Anvil and became The People’s Choice…

Thanks to Nuffnang, I was able to watch Tekken a day before it was released in Malaysia, last Wednesday to be exact, with Hubby. I was humbly surprised as this movie was good albeit a low budget production. From the fighting scenes to the storyline, it was a much better adaptation from a fighting game, so much better than Street Fighter. The only setback was poor acting skills from the lead actors and some hiccups in the scenes. Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa and Tamlyn Tomita were the only seasoned actors in the movie whereas the rest looked new to me. However some of these actors are genuine martial artists which explains the good fighting scenes i.e. Jon Foo is into Wushu, Gary Daniels used to kickbox, Cung Le is a mixed martial artist. Anyway, some fighting scenes might be gory for me but overall, the movie was entertaining. 

6.5 thumbs up out of 10  

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