Tuesday, 10 August 2010


I just don’t understand why people would come a calling whenever I go to the ladies. I mean I don’t bring along my handphone whenever nature calls (in the office mah!) as I worry it might just dunked into the toilet bowl :p So I’ll just leave it at my desk.

This afternoon I had 3 missed calls from the same number when I came back to my desk. It’s from a landline so I Skyped Hubby if he recognized the number as I don’t. Unfortunately he also didn’t so I tried Googling and Binging but no such luck. Then Hubby happily Skyping me, saying it’s from this company. I was like *errr wth!* then I asked him how did he found out. Guess what was his reply…

He just called that number =.=

I felt so *duh! head banging on the wall!*

It shows how much I rely on the net nowadays and I used to be ‘net illiterate’ way back then. Every little thing... Google or Bing search… probably too much influence from my colleagues too (I am working in an IT company, for goodness sake!) Facing developers… engineers… hearing codes… scripts… every single day o.O

Moi the illiterate one ;-)

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