Thursday, 12 August 2010

Creative Nail Boutique

I was feeling lethargic lately so I decided to give myself a pedicure treat last Thursday. Coincidently there was a promotion for Express Spa Pedicure at Creative Nail Boutique for RM75 (normal price was RM120) so I thought of giving it a try. It’s a first for me as I have not gone for any spa pedicure before hence I was hoping my feet would be pampered to the nines!

Firstly, my feet was soaked in warm water, scrubbed with salt and then wrapped in masque.


The pedicurist then started to work on my toes i.e. removing the old colour… cutting, shaping and cleaning my nails. Once done, she started to remove the masque, cleaning and washing my feet. It felt so nice, clean and smooth.


She then started to apply some lotion and massage my feet. After all the pampering, she applied the nail colour and wallah! The end result… my beautiful pampered feet :-)


Overall, the whole spa experience was nice except for some unskilled moments…

  • My nails were not cut accurately with some shorter than the rest. I wanted square with rounded corners but I got just square instead :-(
  • The massage was torturing! It felt like my skin was about to come off!
  • I can see that my pedicurist was an amateur… her hands were shaking non-stop and her skill has not been honed.

The atmosphere was friendly and service was good from the receptionist to the pedicurist but they are all foreigners as such their communication skills were lacking. I would have preferred her chatting with me while pampering my feet. Anyway, they have also given me a member discount card which is applicable for purchasing only, not meant for manicure/ pedicure services :-(


Location: L02-03, 2nd Floor, Tropicana City Mall

6.5 thumbs up out of 10

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