Wednesday, 7 July 2010

What If I’m a Russian Spy

It is not easy to be a spy, what more a Russian spy. Everyone assumed all Russian spies are bad people. The good ones would be branded together with the black sheep even though they are innocent of the wrong doings. Well, I guess that is life.

My Spy Idol would have to be James Bond. I have always admired James Bond but he is fictional hence there are no super-duper cool gadgets to save the world. No suave, handsome man in beautiful, luxury cars to spy on the bad people, eliminate the black sheep and save the good ones.


My all time favorite James Bond, Pierce Brosnan ;-)

Well, if there is nothing fictional in this life then everything will be dull and boring. We need to dream to spice up our lives :p Honestly, I do fantasize being a spy like Evelyn Salt ;-)

evelyn salt

If given the chance to be a spy, I hope to get rid of racism and enforce 1 Malaysia. I would work my way around the corporate world, weaving through the corporate channels to find out who is the mastermind spreading the racist slur. Once we nipped the bud then the followers would awaken and get their facts right. It may not be easy but it is worth the while to achieve 1 Malaysia.


I just can’t wait to watch Salt… I totally <3 Angelina Jolie… love her tattoos ;-)

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