Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Vivo American Pizza & Panini


Vivo has just recently opened so gave it a try last night :-) It’s good that their promo sets, from Monday to Friday, were for 1 pax with mushroom soup. As I don’t go for soup, I requested to change it to hot coffee and they allowed it! Thank goodness or else I would have wasted the soup ;-)


I ordered Set 2 i.e. 7” All Time Favourite Pizza (Hawaii flavour) with a change from mushroom soup to hot coffee ;-)


The pizza was really nice, I totally liked the crunchy crust but the ingredients/ toppings were a little too salty for me. I can taste the freshness of the ingredients though especially the pineapples ;-) The coffee, although black with brown sugar, tasted just nice. The bitterness was just right for me :-) The service was good and the plus point… it’s WiFi enabled!!! The low point… they do not have plug points :-( So you have to come with your notebook fully charged! Total bill came up to RM13, not too expensive but not for daily meal lah :p I don’t mind trying the rest of the promo sets :-)



Location: L1-55, Level 1, Tropicana City Mall


8 thumbs up out of 10

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