Thursday, 22 July 2010

Nanny McPhee & the Big Bang

nanny mcphee & the big bang

Mrs. Green is trying hard to cope without her husband who is away at war, trying to manage the farm, work in a village shop and taking care of their 3 children. With her children’s 2 spoilt cousins sent over to stay at the farm, she was overstressed as they were all fighting and hoping for a little magic to save the day. Suddenly there were chanting of Nanny McPhee’s name and whallah! Nanny McPhee appeared at the doorstep to help Mrs. Green while enforcing her 5 important lessons (source from Wikipedia):

  • First lesson - To go to bed when they are told (and say please) – Higher Wart disappears
  • Second lesson - To get up when they are told - Lower Wart disappears
  • Third lesson - To get dressed when they are told – Hair goes from grey to brown 
  • Fourth lesson - To listen (and say thank you) - Unibrow disappears, hair turns blonder & wavy, droopy earlobes disappear, complextion improves.
  • Fifth lesson - To do as they are told - Nose no longer bulbous & the snaggle tooth disappears

This is a cute and magical movie for children including ‘young at heart’ adults :-) A light, heartwarming tale of a small, poor family during the war who happens to have spoilt, rich cousins. It has a vivid imagination of piglets which could swim, climb trees, fly… LOL! I totally loved those cute piglets! As usual, Nanny McPhee has magical powers which can tame naughty children with her 5 lessons. I think most parents would wished for that ;-) Some parts may be overboard but it’s a magical movie so it’s excusable… children would love this movie I’m sure as mine did :-)

8 thumbs up out of 10

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