Thursday, 22 July 2010

Gossiping Tips For The Gossip Girls in the Office

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Gossiping can be irresistible especially for the ladies, but when it comes to gossiping, you need to be careful. You are putting your job on the line when you choose to gossip everything possible in the office.

However, when you really need to gossip, follow these rules:

1. Leave your boss and those who are at higher levels out of your gossip.

They are the ones who will promote you if you are doing a great job. They are also the ones who will fire you if you have done something wrong. So, judge for yourself, whether they are worth gossiping.

2. More about positive, less about negative.

If you have to say something about someone, who might be working in the same department as you, say something nice about that someone. Focus on positivity rather than negativity. Gossiping is not all about talking bad about someone.

3. Set a boundary for your gossip habit.

Since you can’t really stop yourself from gossiping, you need to set some rules for your bad habit. For example, no gossiping while working. You can only gossip while taking a break in between your work. Lunch time or tea time only. Stick to this rule and you should be fine.

Gossip with caution and you will be fine.

Good luck!

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