Sunday, 25 July 2010

Bar B Q Plaza

I normally blog about my food experience the first time I’ve been to a particular restaurant or cafe, as I believe that my feedback would be an honest one. After numerous visits, our feedback tend to be biased hence I want to avoid that. However, for this particular restaurant, I have been there countless times as it’s one of Hubby’s favourite and it tasted the same always. Since I won’t be biased hence I just couldn’t resists not blogging about it :p


Bar B Q Plaza is a non-halal restaurant which originates from Thailand. The menu is simple and we have to cook it ourselves :-) The queue missing last Wednesday night; we normally have to queue during the weekends ;-)


Their special sauce; mix the minced chili and garlic with a squeeze of lime. I normally omit the garlic ;-)


The pork lard to be used as ‘oil’ for the inverted wok. Glaze it all over the wok. You can see the water at the side which is actually the soup.


We ordered the Supreme Pork set which comes with 2 bowls of steam rice.


Just place the meat on the glazed wok and the vegetables into the soup to cook. Easy peasy, right?! Once cook to your liking, just dip into the heavenly sauce and eat. A very tasty yet simple and delicious meal, healthy too :-) I would recommend that you bring along a bottle of perfume as once you leave the restaurant, you will smell like Bar B Q Plaza ;-)

The food is not too pricey, our bill was RM42.20 including 2 glasses of hot green tea, additional 1 bowl of steam rice and 2 wet towels, of course plus 10% service charge and 5% Government tax. The staffs were quite efficient, working systematically, as it’s a fast moving restaurant. I mean the customers, come and go at a very frequent pace. They have to quickly clean the table and serve the next customer.

Location: LLG Sunway Pyramid 

9 thumbs up out of 10

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