Sunday, 20 June 2010

Teh Tarik Place @ Empire Shopping Gallery

2 Friday’s ago i.e. 11th June 2010, my colleague Ann, Tyger and I had a very late dinner at Empire Shopping Gallery. We thought of checking out this new mall and the best part… parking was still free! However, most of the shops were closing when we reached around 9pm. We were hungry so we looked for food first…Teh Tarik Place was still kinda pack so we opt to try it out.

teh tarik place

While waiting for food, I took some photos of the interior:


They do have a smoking room for those who wanna puff their lives away!


The furniture was simple… either wooden tables and chairs or cemented chairs! Noticed the antique grilled door?


The interior was antique-looking and laid back. It’s like from the 70’s era.


Tyger’s dinner: Nasi goreng biasa with a cup of hot teh tarik


Ann and I ordered nasi goreng kampung; she had hot charm and I had hot teh tarik

My teh tarik was really good, not too sweet, just nice. Even Tyger enjoyed his teh tarik a lot! Same goes to Ann’s hot charm.  However the nasi goreng was ok lah… nothing to shout about.


The place was cosy with dimmed lightings but the service was kinda poor. We had to keep flagging for service, it was adequately staffed but they were busy chit-chatting, not bothered looking at the customers. We noticed the only one who was busy was the PIC (We assumed he’s the PIC as he looked like a foreigner and without uniform, busy serving and attending the customers) Even when I asked for the bill, it took ages, in the end I went to the cashier…geez! Not sure if such attitude was due to closing time only or what o_O

The bill came up to RM28 which was reasonable for a local fare at a shopping mall.

Location: LG21, Lower Ground Floor, Empire Shopping Gallery

When we left the restaurant, all the shops had closed! Nothing much to see except for this near the main entrance:




img143It’s so creatively beautiful!


New open concept for small outlets… really cool!


Even the toilets were impressively clean and nice! Probably still new… haven’t been abused yet :p


Tyger enjoyed himself ;-) 

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