Saturday, 5 June 2010

Smoker Haven

Ever wondered what Smoker Haven is all about? Anyone who has heard of it the first time would have thought it as a place for smokers ;-) I know I did when I first heard it… ‘What? Another chimney club?’

Smoker Haven = smoker’s heaven or paradise… right?

Well, in a way, half correct lah… it’s for smokers but in a good way… not chimney puffing of those sorts. Smoker Haven’s aim is to help smokers to quit smoking in a less painful and less addictive way.

Introducing Smoker Haven Electronic Cigarettes!

Smoker Haven e-cigarettes

It’s an effective tool to help smokers to quit smoking. These e-cigarettes will enable smokers to puff their way to glory but without nicotine affecting their lungs. It lights up and puffs like a normal cigarette but without the nicotine hence it will reduce the addictiveness. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is true! This product is now available to help curb your smoking habits, for a healthier you!

The starter kit:

Starter kits

For more details, you can visit

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