Saturday, 5 June 2010

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is a taboo… a sensitive topic. No one dares to broach this topic but the cases are rising rampantly especially in the working environment.


  1. Most victims would rather resign and leave the company
  2. Most victims would feel shameful of what has happened to them and they would rather keep quiet about it
  3. Most victims do not want their records to be plagiarized by employers in their bid to cover up so victims would agree to keep quiet
  4. Some victims do not have a clean record or deemed as troublemakers so they would also agree to keep quiet
  5. Eye witnesses would usually stay out of trouble and keep quiet
  6. Most harassers are highly paid individuals or high achievers with a clean record
  7. Most employers would prefer sweeping it under the rug to protect their company’s name
  8. It is time consuming to go to court

Because of the above, harassers are still on the loose and can continue to attack their next victim happily, without any worries in the world!

I’ve seen this happening in my previous company. At first, I heard rumours about this Supervisor who always accidentally brushed his hands against his female staffs (which part, I’m not sure). I thought of it as a rumour and brushed it off. I mean sometimes accidents do happen. Later on I heard he was very bold and hugged his staffs which I believe is ethically wrong. But then he could be hugging them all and for a reason. During these periods, he had been transferred around a few centers due to company’s re-org plans. I have met him a few times and I actually felt uncomfortable as I noticed his eyes was always feasting on my breasts while talking to me. When I left the company, the rumours had died for awhile then, probably because he had more male staffs in the center he was in.

Recently, an ex-colleague had told me this. He has been transferred back to HQ to avoid anymore unforeseen circumstances. 2 girls had actually lodged a sexual harassment complaint with HR. He was bold to hug and kissed them. However the Management had ‘ordered’ HR to close the case, claiming that the 2 girls were actually angry with him for not renewing another girl’s contract citing biased reasons. I was angry when I heard this. If this girls are angry, would they be stupid enough to create such a case and spoil their reputation? They would probably had hoped HR will be a neutral source to go to for their predicaments but it turned out to be wrong. HR, in turn, had turned on a blind eye and proceed as what the Management wanted. This is so totally wrong and biased. What has the company become to? No employee will feel safe anymore. HR should have investigated it and the truth will prevail. I do pity and sympathize these girls and hope the best for them.  

These are all hearsay and my POV. I’m not sure what I heard is rumour or truth anymore. I just thank God that I have left this company.

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