Thursday, 24 June 2010

Igentis Bubble Tea Sdn Bhd

I have always loved bubble tea with pearls (Chan Chui Nai Cha)! So when we were searching for food last night at TCM, we thought of trying Igentis Bubble Tea since it’s certified ‘Halal’ (Ann is a Muslim). It was crowded so we waited for about 5 minutes before we got a table for 3.



Ann’s Blue Blue Sea and Eric’s Yam Tea Shake. We were wondering what has happened to the pearls… so we asked the waiter… he then said it’s finished =_= He should have the courtesy to tell us when we were ordering right???


Ann’s Gong Bao Chicken Rice… she commented that her own cooking tasted better o_O


Eric’s Chicken Chop Fried Rice… he said it’s just nice ^_^  


Finally my drink came… Ice Cream Coffee! Eric was half way through his food leh =_= Yeah, I changed my mind when I saw this on the menu so thought of trying this instead of bubble tea ;-) Honestly, it was nice :-)


My dinner, Herbal Chicken Rice, was their Wednesday special on the menu. Hmmm…. it’s totally diluted for me as I didn’t smell or taste any herbs in the soup. The funny thing was there were so much herbal stuffs in my soup but tasteless… too much water perhaps??? Even the salad on my plate of rice was so little!


See what I mean??? I just wished they could have given me more cucumber instead!

Overall, it was ok lah… nothing fantastic or special. I just felt if their service was much better then it would tempt me to come back again, even if the food was not great. Our bill was RM49.05… kinda expensive too for such varieties of food.  

Location: L2-10, 2nd Floor, Tropicana City Mall

6 thumbs up out of 10

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