Saturday, 12 June 2010

Bukit Tinggi & Genting Highlands

The weather nowadays are damn fucking hot so we are hoping for a cool, breezy place to go to. Hubby and I took leave last Wednesday thinking of bringing our Angels to somewhere cold for a day trip. We immediately thought of Genting Highlands :-) Then on second thought, why not visit Bukit Tinggi too since it’s on the way, we can kill 2 birds with 1 stone ;-)

Honestly, it was a greedy and unworthy choice :-( We went to Bukit Tinggi first. We nearly exited the wrong place due to poor signage. In fact, throughout the journey to Bukit Tinggi, the signages were improperly placed or insufficient. It was expensive too as we need to pay for entering Bukit Tinggi; RM12 for each adults and RM8 for each children per entry


First stop: Japanese Village

After a tiring and hot climb, we reached the Japanese Village. MIL and I nearly fainted, lost our breath climbing up the steep road. We parked mid-way as informed by the signboard, not realizing that we can actually drive all the way up! WTF!!!

Japanese Tea Houserosesmorning glory red flowersSV405290souviner shopSouvenir shop

SV405307SV405316SV405312SV405317 SV405313SV405326SV405319SV405320 The Japanese Tea House… nothing much there except for renting of Kimonos and selling of green teas

SV405325 SV405322 The rundown Ume Tatami Suite


Second stop: Colmar Tropicale

It was so damn hot by now… not even a cold breeze. There’s nothing much going on here too except for the beautiful French buildings

SV405339SV405338SV405340  SV405345SV405348 SV405349 SV405351 By now, we were hungry so we utilized one of our 15% discount vouchers, given upon paying of the entrance fees, for lunch at La Flamme, one of the restaurants there.

SV405352 We ordered a small Calzone pizza and 2 glasses of apple juice

SV405354 A delicious large Hawaiian pizza! We also ordered a cup of Milo and a bottled water. Our bill came up to a whopping RM83.80! A little costly but luckily, it was delicious :p

Third stop: Rabbit Farm

img102 We also need to pay before entering the Rabbit Farm!!! RM3 per person =_=

SV405361 SV405374 SV405376 SV405377 SV405380 Newborn rabbits

SV405379 A month old rabbits

SV405381There were donkeys too but their condition was so dilapidated and dirty! So skinny, they looked malnourished too! What happens to the entry fees they collected, I wonder?

SV405382 SV405383The same applied to the deers, they totally looked neglected also. There wasn’t any clean drinking water around, saw one of the deers drinking from a pool of dirty water on the ground :-( 

Last but not least, forth stop: Genting Highlands

Finally, some cool breeze! Unfortunately, we had to stay indoors as it started raining when we reached Genting :-( Sigh! What a trip! Thank goodness my Angels totally enjoyed themselves so it was worth it even with minor hiccups :-)

SV405390SV405398 SV405405

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