Saturday, 29 May 2010

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Finally watched New Moon… ya ya so late… with Eclipse just around the corner ;-)

 New Moon

Bella was celebrating her 18th birthday at the Cullen’s home when an accident occurred… she accidently cuts her finger while opening her presents and started bleeding. Jasper being the weak one immediately lunged towards her! Edward quickly protected Bella and a fight nearly ensued but luckily Dr. Cullen was able to cool everything down. Edward felt his family was a threat to Bella hence ended their relationship and the Cullen’s moved away permanently. Bella was devastated and heart broken… life without Edward ensued.

I was expecting a very good storyline and cinematography for this movie as the first one was mesmerizing. However, I was totally disappointed. This 2nd saga was forgettable… as though they were over doing it… I didn’t get mesmerized at all! The storyline was a bit slow… picked up towards the end. I guess it’s because of the break up and how Bella endured it but the momentum was kinda flat lined. The music accompanying the movie totally doesn’t suit at all! It made the movie sounded more boring. This time the movie also looked more ‘self-indulgent’… I don’t know why I felt this way after watching it. Luckily the location was still as beautiful… enjoyed the scenery and Jacob’s team more! Hmmm… I seriously do hope Eclipse would be a much better one!

6 thumbs up out of 10

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