Saturday, 29 May 2010

Taiwan Street & Shrek Forever After

Last Saturday night, we managed to get tickets for Shrek at 11.15pm so thought of grabbing a bite before the movie started. It was 10ish and all the shops were closed. Thankfully Taiwan Street and Subway were still open! Since I didn’t like Subway so we tried Taiwan Street instead.

Taiwan Street 01 Hubby ordered Braised Duck Rice and mineral water. It looked good, Hubby said it was ok. I didn’t try it as I don’t eat ducks :p

Taiwan Street 02 My Taiwan Fried Rice and Ying Yong Tea. It looked like Yong Chow Fried Rice minus the vegetables! Tasted kinda similar too! The Ying Yong Tea was not that good… it tasted like burnt tea :-(

img053Remnants of my rice ^_^ if I had known, I wouldn’t have ordered this… ya ya I’m a picky eater ;-)

img048 img049

img054Overall it was ok, very brightly lit yet cosy. The servers were a little blur as they are foreign workers. There’s nothing special about it as the concept is similar to Wong Kok and Kim Gary but they have Milk Tea with Pearls… their most popular drink (I noticed a lot of people tapau).

Location: Top Floor, Tropicana City Mall

6 thumbs up out of 10


shrek-forever-afterShrek was getting tired with the daily activities or routines and wished that things were back to it’s former ways. He met Rumpelstiltskin, got drunk and tricked into signing a deal - a day to be his former self. Shrek got his wish but Rumpelstiltskin has other evil plans up his sleeves. If Shrek didn’t kiss his true love within that day, everything will remained as his former self and he will lose everything… Fiona, his babies, his friends.

This is another fairy tale which is funny, sad, funny, sad… luckily this is the last one or it is becoming tiresome for me. Yes, a trilogy is fine and not more than that. Overall I did enjoy the movie although we were darn tired :-) I still adore and love Puss in Boots with his awesome, huge, pitiful eyes albeit a huge big tummy! LOL!

7 thumbs up out of 10

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