Sunday, 2 May 2010

Otak-otak Place

A girlfriend of mine had dinner with me at Otak-otak Place on Thursday night. Her friend highly recommended this place as the dishes were good, authentic Johorian food. The place was uniquely decorated and we were really impressed. It has that retro feel, as though we were back to our childhood era.


otakotakplaceIMG0142A IMG0141A The menu looks like an exercise book ;-)

IMG0143A My dinner… cool right? It comes in tiffin! Even my teh tarik comes with a piece of cracker!

IMG0146A IMG0147A Nasi lemak with otak-otak and the famous Johor otak-otak


IMG0149A Can you see the getah?! Getah is in Bahasa Melayu which means rubberband, a type of game we used to play in school :-) I haven’t seen those in a while!

IMG0150A Other retro games ;-)

IMG0151A They also have children’s storybooks!


IMG0148A Joyce, my BFF… Thanks for dinner! Congrats on your new job, may success by with you always!

The food overall was good especially the original Johor otak-otak, delicious! Even the teh tarik tasted just nice. We had a wonderful time catching up, the environment was laid back, what more can we ask for ;-)

Location: Lot L1-58 Tropicana City Mall (with branches at 1 Utama and IOI Boulevard


8 thumbs up out of 10

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