Saturday, 22 May 2010

Ip Man 2

Ip Man

Thanks to e-Central, I got to watch Ip Man 2 with Hubby and 2 colleagues last Tuesday night! I actually had high expectation for this movie as the first one was really good overall.

This second part showed their hardship after arriving in Hong Kong. Ip Man and family had to endure poverty and he had a hard time getting students for his school as most people doesn’t know what is Wing Chun. He later managed to acquire a few students but they were kinda cocky. Their cockiness got them into trouble with the famous Master Hung’s students. After a few untoward meetings, Ip Man finally gained Master Hung’s respect. This embroiled into an unspoken friendship, fighting the bullying Gwailo’s together.

I find the storyline similar to other Chinese Kung Fu masters i.e. Fok Yuen Kap. I know it happened during the British ruling when these masters started their lives in Hong Kong which explains the similarities… making a living in Hong Kong as a Kung Fu master, British police involved were corrupted, organizing a fight between the English and Chinese, English despised the Chinese, etc. Famililar right? Towards the second half of the movie, it was kinda rush. Like the scene where his wife had just given birth, she was waiting for him at home at the door… err… she had just given birth and not supposed to be outside, walking with ease… very unrealistic. It was a little let down for me, though the fighting scenes were superb. I know a lot of people enjoyed the fighting scenes more, especially the guys :p

7 thumbs up out of 10

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