Friday, 7 May 2010

The First Cry

I’m not a fan of children. Those who are close to me know this. I just can’t go googoogaga over them or squeals at how cute they are. When children sees me, they cleverly go away ;-) So when I got married, my BFF’s were wondering how would I react to my own children :p Honestly, they are my own flesh and blood so, of course, I would go googoogaga over them… naturally and obviously!!! and MomBloggersPlanet are giving me an opportunity to relive that moment, especially when I have my first child. It’s a contest I cannot resists since I would have a chance of winning a handbag *bag-a-holic grins*. So here goes…

When I first knew I was pregnant, it was the most exciting moment of my life! I enjoyed the signs, symptoms, baby kicking, reading to baby, etc… happy sigh! I especially enjoyed our ‘Friends’ moment every evening (Friends was on astro then every evening at 7pm!), we had a good laugh with Joey, Rachel and the gang! I was blessed with an easy pregnancy as I don’t experience much morning sickness, except for occasionally feeling tired, cramps and nausea. I didn’t have cravings too but Hubby did! He craved for KFC! LOL!!!

Nyc My Tyger at week 12. Gynae was confident baby was a boy as Tyger actually gave an ‘open view’ during scanning ;-)

I didn’t have an easy delivery though :-(

Nine months later, I woke up in the middle of the night, feeling uneasy and went to the bathroom. I noticed I was bleeding a little but still continued to sleep since I didn’t feel any pain. Hmmm…  it’s 2 weeks early too. I woke up again around 5am and this time I felt a little contraction. I took my bath, got my hospital bag ready and woke Hubby up. I counted the intervals and the gap was about 10 mins, if I remembered correctly. Being inexperienced, we went straight to the hospital. The traffic was terribly jam, all the way from Puchong to Assunta Hospital.

I reached the labour room at 9am. The nurses prepped me up and placed me on the delivery bed, waiting for my gynae to check my condition. He decided to break my waterbag and induced me as I was about 1” dilated but my contraction was still distant. Once induced, the contraction slowly got worst! OMG! The searing pain and discomfort! My voice, or shall I say screaming, filled the labour room! The nurses tried their best to comfort me by giving me back rubs. Somehow their back rubs were much, much comfy but when hubby did it, it was not comforting! In fact, I kept hurling verbal and physical abuses at him! Don’t ask me why but I was VIOLENT towards him! LOL!

By lunch time, another lady was in labour next to me but, my oh my, she didn’t even yelped during her contractions! I really didn’t know how she can stifled her pain! Total respect! The annoying part was she delivered within a few hours and I still haven’t! I remember asking the nurses how come hers was so fast! I was only about 4” - 5” dilated then… sigh!

When I was finally about 7” dilated, the nurses kept asking if I felt like passing motion, teaching me what to do when I do feel it, when to breath and all. When I felt it, gynae was ready, my legs propped up and Hubby waiting by my side holding my hand. Breath in, breath out, push and when Tyger’s head appeared, gynae vacuumed him out as I was really weak by then. I can still remember the whoosh feeling when Tyger ‘plopped’ out :-) It was 5.30pm. Noticed the time when I reached and delivered? It felt as though I was clocking in and out of work :p Office hour baby LOL! The nurse carried him and practically displayed his 'private part’ in my face, as though assuring me ‘It is a boy’! I was so worried he would pee on me though :p

When I first heard him cry, it sounded so magical. I was overwhelmed with so much emotions rushing through me. I just couldn’t believe I have given birth to a beautiful baby boy. At that moment, teary eyed, I told Hubby I can’t wait to have another baby! Yes, I said that and Hubby was surprised! He was flabbergasted and didn’t know what to say :p

Nyc1 Later that night, in the maternity ward, our new addition to the family :-) Hubby regretted though, not getting a camcorder then, to record the whole ordeal!

Note: Your husband must be at your side during labour and birth to actually experience the journey together so that he will appreciate you more :-) Of course, you must have a camcorder too to record this auspicious moment!

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