Saturday, 15 May 2010

The Bounty Hunter

I was one of the grand prize winners for movieruumz ‘Bounty Hunter Bonanza’ contest, organized by ruumz. I was elated as it was the first contest I have participated since joining ruumz ;-)

Bounty Hunter My prize: limited edition his and her sleeveless t-shirts, a limited edition cosmetic pouch, a limited edition handcuff keychain (looked like a dog tag to me) and 2 premier tickets to watch The Bounty Hunter last Wednesday :-); watched it with a gf of mine as Hubby had to work.

Milo is a bounty hunter. He is excited as he finally gets a job to hunt his ex-wife, Nicole, as she jumped bail. Nicole is a newspaper reporter and her career has been riding high after their divorce. Once they finally meet each other after 3 years since their divorce, their lives have turned upside down. The journey to turn Nicole to the police has been a tumultuous one, full of adventure and excitement!

The story line is old school, predictable and at times boring. Luckily there were funny moments to lighten up the comedy. I noticed the whole time they were focusing on Jennifer Aniston’s fabulous body and boobs. Hmmm… maybe I was too tired and sleepy :p Anyway, I won’t recommend it unless you have nothing to do and you are a fan of Jennifer Aniston’s or Gerard Butler’s.

Thanks again to ruumz for the wonderful prizes!

5 thumbs up out of 10

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