Saturday, 24 April 2010

Ninja Joe

The past week has been pretty busy thus not much blogging except for advertorials ;-) Hubby also started part-time in Tropicana City Mall so I have been lepaking and having my dinner there after work, trying out 1 species at a time :-) Sad to say though, not many food outlets have WiFi service (There was 1 with WiFi but no plug points! Wtf! It defeats the purpose right???) :-( Any Broadband companies who want to sponsor me??? I can be your guinea pig LOL!

Anyway, I just discovered a food outlet selling pork burgers. Yes, PORK BURGERS in Tropicana City Mall!!! I was delighted, naturally, as it is so difficult to get one here in Malaysia. You can get it anywhere in Bangkok or Bali, even in McD or 7 11, but not here. I had to double take when I passed by :p Please excuse the poor photo quality as I had to use my camera phone; I don’t bring camera along to work as it’s bulky :-)

Ninja Joe Unbelievable right?

Ninja Joe 1 I ordered an Original Solo Ninja with Hot Coffee

Ninja Joe 2My Original Solo Ninja

Ninja Joe 3 Yummy!!!

Honestly, it was delicious! The salad and tomato were fresh, the pork was tender and a little crispy. I can’t wait to try the remaining 5 more flavours! The hot coffee has a charcoal roasted taste to it which was not too strong and not too bitter. In fact, just right for my taste bud :-) At first, I was curious why they had Solo Ninja up to 6 Ninjas then I realised the portion of the burger was kinda small compared to McD. The 2 ladies at the next table actually ordered 3!!! I’m a small eater so it was just nice for me :-) Fully sated! It costs a little more than McD, probably due to the meat type (Pork is actually expensive in the market)

Ninja Joe 5 Ninja Joe 6 The outlet’s exterior

Location: Ninja Joe, Lot LG 18 Tropicana City Mall; next to Foto Miami.

10 thumbs up out of 10

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