Thursday, 29 April 2010

Love World Love Sloggi

Mother Nature recently celebrated Earth Day on 22nd April 2010. A day most people innocently forget. We still throw our rubbish as usual, we don’t recycle our stuffs and we don’t stop using plastics. I guess old habits die harder. Well, as the day passes by, you can also see more and more natural disasters happening everywhere. Be it earth quake or volcano eruption, it is slowly killing the Earth. Probably Mother Nature is very angry with us for not doing our bit to save the Earth. Who knows, we could just diminished one fine day! So if you asked me what I love about the world now, my answer is simple, Earth.


Why Earth? Well, we are born, bred and raised on Earth. What we eat, what we sleep on, where we walk… all related to Earth. Without Earth, there will not be you and me. I would not have a family, a house, a car, friends, etc. Life is short, live life to the fullest, they say. So my dearest family and friends, do your bit by ‘Reuse, Reduce and Recycle’. Turn this into a new healthy habit :-)


You can start a healthy habit by choosing a well known brand, sloggi, as your choice of undergarment. sloggi was introduced into the market by Triumph International in 1979. They created a new fabric called ‘core spun’ for underwear which became popular, even until now. The fabric is highly elastic and keeps it’s shape constantly. It’s comfortable and fits snugly too ;-) Well, this year, they have evolved and turn to recycle materials for it’s new undergarment range! Bravo sloggi! The new range of undergarment is colourful yet comfortable, all made of eco-friendly materials. To be precise, the latest super soft fabric is made from Recycled PET bottles!!! Unbelievable right?

sloggi PET

To know more of this pure body wear, you can check it out here.


So peeps, what you waiting for? Go to your nearest sloggi counters today to do your bit to save the Earth! Love the world, love sloggi :-)

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