Sunday, 25 April 2010

Largest Bloggers’ Gathering

17th April 2010 was a huge milestone for both Gatsby and Nuffnang. A recap… Nuffnang had collaborated with Gatsby to organize a Deodorant Street Fair. The target was to enter the Malaysia Book of Records for having the largest bloggers’ gathering in an event!

Well, I was lucky enough to get the invitation to this memorable event at Berjaya Times Square (It was a first for me, Hubby was my cameraman :p), to be a part of the headcount in this joyous occasion ;-) We made it into the record with 518 bloggers!!! Malaysia Book of Records’ Datuk Danny Ooi officiated the record!!!

SV404993 The huge crowd queuing to register

SV405004 Me waiting patiently for the lady in front (She was queuing in my lane but she was supposed to register at the next counter)

SV405043 Once I got my goody bags, we had to change into the official t-shirt available in the bag and have ourselves tagged for the count (Some even joked about our RED t-shirts, looked like the ‘Red Shirts’ in Thailand!)

SV404999 From one end

SV405000 To the other end

SV405034 The official record! Before that, we had to gather at the end of the foyer for an official photo shoot. Too crowded to snap any photos :-(

SV405044SV405051 With Audrey and Simon Seow

SV405045 I actually like this one… Audrey taking on Gareth at the Gladiator ;-) The battle between 4’ 9” and 4’ 8” LOL!

SV405054 The stuffs we managed to redeem; we were given 2 points, some more, for each game we succeeded and we can play repeatedly, after which we get to exchange the points and redeemed Gatsby products

SV405216 My official number… familiar right? For those who plays snooker would know ;-)

We actually stayed till the end of the event i.e. 5pm, all because of the superlicious lucky draws! We were hoping to win either the Wii or BlackBerry or the Ferrari notebook but lady luck was not with us… sigh! I was glad to know another blogger, Aileen (hope I spelt it right), but forgot to snap a photo with her, darn! Overall a very exciting yet tiring experience :-)

My 2 cents for future improvements:

  1. We were told to be there before 10am to register. We reached there 9.30am but was told by the organizer to come back at 10am! WTF! The registration counters will only open at 10am!
  2. After we had our breakfast at Krispy Kreme, we came back at 10am but the crowd had picked up and the queue was damn long! The worst part was every one I asked didn’t know if they were in the correct queue. We were supposed to queue according to the first alphabet of our URL. I was busy looking for ‘S’ as the queue indicator was hidden by hundreds of bloggers busy registering at the counters. They should have placed placards high enough for everyone to see and queue correctly.
  3. When I finally found my queue, there were actually 2 queues for the range of alphabets at my counter. Then I realised there were only 5 counters for bloggers! I thought there were supposed to be 10??? The other 5 on my far left were for medias and it was empty! Geez! The organizer later moved 1 counter over there but it was still empty. They should have segregated the list more thinly since some alphabets have longer listing. Like my counter, they should have split it into another 3 counters. By doing so, they would have achieved more bloggers registering in time for the counting (I noticed that after the official time has closed, there were still many bloggers queuing to register, they didn’t make it for the count)
  4. The placement of the counters… hmmm… what can I say… the Mazda 3 was indirectly hindering us from queuing correctly. We practically swarmed the car while queuing! Organizer, come on! You should know better! You should also have queue ribbons all the way like the cinema, guiding us!
  5. After getting the goody bags, we had to change into our official t-shirt. The changing rooms were provided but not secured properly or placed at an appropriate location. The flaps were ajar, taxi drivers grouping near the ladies changing room had a good view of us changing! I just wore the t-shirt over my blouse, thankfully it was a sleeveless one!

Enough said… no hard feelings folks! Anyway, we did have a good time after that, which sort off diminished the morning boo-hoo! Thanks Nuffnang and Gatsby for a memorable event!!!

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