Saturday, 24 April 2010

Kushi Q

“Bringing you new grilling experience!” is Kushi Q’s motto. This is something new to me so thought of giving it a try since they have both WiFi and plug points! Yay!!!

Kushi Q The ambience was cosy with dimmed lightings

Kushi Q 1 I ordered Kushi set A1 (Chicken breast mentaiko flavour, chicken thigh capsicum aroma and chicken thigh capsicum Thai with rice) and hot green tea (Refillable! Double bonus!)

Kushi Q 2 Hubby ordered Kushi set B1 (Chicken thigh capsicum Thai, baby octopus and chicken wing Teriyaki flavour with rice)

Overall, it’s tasty and different, like our local satay but with a variety of meat instead of the usual chicken, mutton or beef. It has a variety of flavours too. The rice comes with a special gravy which makes it just right and not too dry since the meat was without any gravy. I’ve always preferred rice with gravy so this is my cup of tea ;-) The pricing is reasonable since it comes in sets and refillable green tea :p

Kushi Q 3 Kushi Q 4Kushi Q 6Kushi Q 5 By the way, it’s certified Halal :-)

Location: Kushi Q, LG 20 Lower Ground Tropicana City Mall


8 thumbs up out of 10

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