Sunday, 25 April 2010

Genting Highlands

We made a last minute decision to join Hubby’s niece and bf to Genting Highlands last Sunday for a day trip. We decided to have a relaxing and cooling time off since we haven’t been there for awhile. It was kinda warm initially and as the day started to wear off, it cooled down. In fact, it drizzled a bit. Hubby managed to take some nice photos for the album :-)

SV405057SV405059  Statue of Liberty vs Oscar

SV405062 Noticed the extra alphabet here… there shouldn’t be a ‘s’ after welcome unless there’s someone welcoming… hmmm

Umbrella making Umbrella making

Hoi An BridgeHoi An Bridge  With Melissa @ Hoi An Bridge

SV405072 SV405076 LilySV405082 wild daisySV405087 SV405090 SV405093wingless cupid wild daisy SV405102 I love this photo… somehow reminded me of Avatar :pSV405105 SV405108 SV405109SV405111SV405115SV405122SV405137SV405145 SV405171

Before we leave Genting Highlands in the late afternoon, we went to Chin Swee Temple. I have not seen it since it has been renovated into a modern looking temple recently. So I was totally surprised by it’s new look. 

SV405176SV405179SV405180SV405198SV405188SV405192 SV405194SV405204SV405200SV405207SV405212

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